2016 Bowl Preview! (with Max Nowinsky)

Luke and special guest Max break down all the B1G bowl games, the rough start to bowl MACtion, and a very important hypothetical question.



Season’s Over! (Rutgers’ Sadness Isn’t)

Wisconsin gave up a 21 point lead in the B1G Championship Game! It's ok, though, because at least the person destroying their dreams is super fun to watch. Luke and Drew recap the season and look ahead to the watchable and NOT watchable bowl games.



Franklin Won a Big One!

James Franklin has cooled his seat significantly with a huge win over OSU! Meanwhile, MSU is terrible and is about to get MURDERED by Michigan. Hell hath no fury like a Jim Harbaugh scorned. Wisconsin and Nebraska show down for the B1G West, and Rutgers is still awful.



R.I.P. Rutgers

Rutgers football is dead. Except for some reason Luke is picking them this week (that should show how bad Illinois is). Also, Indiana can play defense now, and Michigan state has lost three in a row. The B1G is getting WEEEIIIRRD. 



Hazell Watch 2016

Is Maryland good? Is Michigan State bad? Does Indiana have a decent defense? The 2016 B1G is a crazy, upside down place! At least we can trust in Purdue to be terrible and Ohio State to be unstoppable. Also, Purdue's football field is literally caving into the ground...



Hail Bucky!

Wisconsin has a huge road win over Michigan State, and Luke and Drew dissect the game and its ramifications for the B1G race. Michigan is still terrifying, and James Franklin is almost definitely getting fired, right?



Episode V: The Buckeyes Strike Back

OSU is a terrifying killing machine. Wisconsin almost lost to the 4th best team in Georgia. MSU went on the road to combat disrespekt. Luke and Drew discuss it all and the #battleofthethirdcoast coming this week.



Franklin vs. Hazell: Who’s Fired First?

The guys discuss the next nail in James Franklin's coffin, Northwestern's massive offensive problems, and a huge slate of games for week 3.



Wisconsin Beat LSU and All Is Right with the World!

Luke is probably happier than he will be all year, Drew refuses to embrace Michigan, and the guys preview Michigan State and Ohio State. Finally, they look at all the week 1 craziness (looking at you, Northwestern) and try to find good games in week 2 (they fail).



Iowa and Northwestern Got Really Lucky!

Luke and Drew break down Iowa's 12-2 season, Penn State minus the Hack, and Northwestern's weirdest 10 wins ever. Plus, a hypothetical involving Tracy Claeys athletic ability!


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